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No more benchmarks given at HHS

October 5, 2016

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Students and teachers alike were excited to hear about academic changes this year when it came to benchmark tests. Each nine weeks, in the past, were finalized with either benchmarks or exams. This year it will be very different....

No vaccinations pose huge threat to American children

Jesse Mcclearia, Staff Reporter

February 3, 2015

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In 2014, the CDC reported 644 cases of measles in the United States, triple the amount of cases than in 2013. Last year also saw a thirty percent increase in the number of Pertussis (whooping cough) cases. The main reason for...

Still in a winter holidaze?

Richard Ginwright, Staff Reporter

February 2, 2015

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The winter holidays have come and passed, and now it is time to get ready for another school year. Although many students are excited, there are some that are not ready to return. “I feel like coming back to school is an...

So what is a holiday?

Jesse Mcclearia

December 19, 2014

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The term “Holiday season” is used to refer to the time of year containing the holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hannukah. While Christmas and Hannukah are religious holidays, Thanksgiving has no particular...

Benchmark week FINALLY over, plus tips for next time

Jesse Mcclearia, Co-Editor

November 6, 2014

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The First Helena High School Benchmark week is finally over, to the relief of most students. Last year at Pelham High School, the benchmark counted for ten percent of a student’s nine weeks grade. This year, the benchmark...

College tuition on the rise

Jesslyn McClearia

September 29, 2014

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The Alabama State Treasury predicts in-state tuition will more than double for infants by the time they reach college age. Rising Tuition, however, is not solely a problem for Alabama college students. All across the nation, families...