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The PTO and a Sadie Hawkins Dance

Chloe Brown, Editor

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On February 5th Helena High School is joining the growing group of schools and hosting its very first Sadie Hawkins Dance. But what exactly is a Sadie Hawkins and who is the girl behind this dance?
According to Casey Lewis, a Prom and formal dance expert, “Believe it or not, the entire tradition of the girl-asks-boy dance originates from a comic strip. In the famous cartoon-turned-musical Li’l Abner, there was a designated day in November when unmarried women could chase bachelors around the town in hopes of catching them for marriage.”
According to the comic strip, Sadie Hawkins was “the homeliest gal in all those hills” and November 9th became her favorite day of the year, due to the privileges women were given on that day. Schools across the US drew inspiration from Sadie and the popular comic.
They began throwing dances on November 9th – the same time the festivity took place in Li’l Abner, which became known as Sadie Hawkins Day. In beginning Sadie Hawkins Day occurred on the Saturday after – “but today Sadie Hawkins celebrations pop up anytime between November and February.”
The Sadie Hawkins dance starts at 7 pm and last until 10 pm. Ticket prices vary on whether you are buying a single which cost $15 or a couple ticket which cost $25. The attire for the night is dressy casual and it will be taking place in HHS cafeteria. The PTO, headed by Mrs. Laurie Sharp are responsible for making this spectacular event possible.

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The PTO and a Sadie Hawkins Dance