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So what is a holiday?

Jesse Mcclearia

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The term “Holiday season” is used to refer to the time of year containing the holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hannukah.

While Christmas and Hannukah are religious holidays, Thanksgiving has no particular religious affiliation and is celebrating by all. While Thanksgiving may not receive as much attention as Christmas, it is the most widely celebrated amongst all religions. It also marks for most the beginning of the “holiday season.”

The most celebrated of the three remaining holidays is the Christian holiday of Christmas. Christmas celebrates the birth of the Christian savior, Jesus, and is most often celebrated by the giving of presents. Other Christmas celebrations include preparing for the arrival of Santa Claus, decorating a Christmas tree, hanging stockings, preparing a Christmas meal, praying, and for some, volunteering.

The Jewish holiday of Hannukah is celebrated to commemorate the miracle of the oil that allowed the Holy Temple in Jeruseleum to keep the menorah lit for eight days. Hannukah is celebrated with lighting the candles of the menorah, eating special foods like latkes and rugelach, praying, volunteering and giving to charity, and playing with traditional toys like the dreidal.

Kwanzaa, unlike Christmas and Hannukah, is not a religious holiday; Kwanzaa is a holiday that celebrates African and African American history and culture with a week of festivities like lighting kinara candles, giving gifts, and the preparing a feast.

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So what is a holiday?