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Helena High theatre department puts on first play

Claire Drummond, Staff Reporter

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Helena High school’s theatre department is officially up and running.

The departments’ head teacher, Mr. Casey, has expressed the importance of raising money in order to provide for props, costumes, scripts, and the rights to perform each play they put on.

“We are trying our best to quickly raise the money we need,” said Mr. Casey.

The cast of Arsenic and Lace has rehearsals daily by dividing up into two separate groups in order to prepare properly for the performance that will be November 6-9. Rehearsals for Arsenic and Lace were held on the 20-21, during which the cast was carefully chosen.

“Everybody who tried out did a great job. I was happy about the turnout,” said Mr. Casey.

The plot of the play circles around two sinister aunts who have a nephew named Teddy. They also have another nephew named Mortimer, who has fallen for the reverend’s daughter, Elaine.  The ‘happy family’ feeling that they have is destroyed once Mortimer finds a dead body underneath the lid of a window seat. Due to the fact Teddy had a history of mental instability; Mortimer automatically assumes that Teddy is responsible for the murder. However, the aunts admit that they were behind the crimes, and that they had killed the man by poisoning him with their homemade elderberry wine, and that the man had been the eleventh to die in this manner.

The cast has been working quickly and efficiently so that the first ever performance for Helena High Drama Department will go flawlessly.

“Everybody is really excited for the first ever play,” said Julia S, one of the performers.

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Helena High theatre department puts on first play